About Us

The Waiau Fisheries and Wildlife Habitat Enhancement Trust was established in 1996. It was the result of the negotiations between the community (the Waiau Working Party) and ECNZ (now Meridian Energy Limited). It was designed to mitigate and remedy the adverse effects the Manapouri Power Scheme had, and continues to have, on the fisheries and wildlife values of the Waiau Catchment, Southland, New Zealand.

Area covered

The Waiau Trust operates in the catchment area of the Waiau River. This extends almost as far north as Milford Sound and south to Te Wae Wae Bay. It includes part of the Fiordland National Park, but we concentrate our habitat enhancement effort in the unprotected, developed parts of the catchment.

In addition to many private waterway enhancement and public access projects, the Trust has 4 main restoration projects.

Waiau Trust catchment map


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