Access projects

The Waiau Trust have created an number of public access points along the Waiau River and greater catchment. These make it easier for you to get to the places you want to explore without having to trouble the landowner for permission. We do advocate contacting them as a matter of courtesy werever possible though.

These access ways are usually obvious but are marked with a Waiau Trust sign.

Waiau Trust created this access road at JericoThe Waiau Trust's newly created access road at Jerico Station.

As with all situations where you are crossing private land, please respect the owner's wishes. In general make sure you:

  • leave gates as you find them - if it is closed, shut it behind you; if open, leave it open.
  • do not alow your dog to wander; better kept in your car until you are at the destination.
  • think of others; keep it tidy.

See the map below or for more information get in touch with the Waiau Trust.

Waiau Trust access projects map